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2009-06-25 Sam RubyMake root relative to 'blog'
2009-01-26 Sam RubyDecode html entities
2009-01-24 Sam RubyYet another color tweak.
2009-01-24 Sam RubyEnable navigation through the text/html version of...
2009-01-24 Sam RubyMore color tweaks
2009-01-24 Sam RubyReplace "geek" colors with ones with a constant hue...
2009-01-23 Sam RubyStyle tweaks
2009-01-23 Sam RubyScale icons on archive page
2009-01-23 Sam RubyTake advantage of jquery
2009-01-13 Sam RubyStyle tweaks for Opera
2009-01-13 Sam RubyAvoid self-closing tag syntax in SVG when rendering...
2009-01-12 Sam RubyUpdate to Rails 2.2.2
2008-12-15 Sam RubyStyle tweaks
2008-12-03 Sam RubyInclude svg in the text/html view
2008-12-03 Sam RubyNavigational enhancements
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